Introducing Integrative Medicine for ADHD

Integrative Medicine for ADHD

Integrative Medicine for ADHD is a new online learning opportunity for medical professionals and caregivers hosted on

Following the great success of the New England Conference on ADHD, this full-day conference is now available online – with continuing education credits available!

This video course features on-demand presentations by four renowned experts with extensive experience in the treatment of ADHD:

Dr. Edward “Ned” Hallowell MD, founder of The Hallowell Centers, Child and Adult Psychiatrist and New York Times best-selling author presents: “Strength-Based Treatment: What I Have Learned About ADHD in 67 Years”

Dr. James Greenblatt MD, Author of Finally Focused and Chief Medical Officer and VP of Medical Services at Walden Behavioral Care presents: “Nutritional Solutions for ADHD”

Dr. Jay Lombard DO, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Director at Genomind presents: “Genetic Testing and Personalized Medications for ADHD”

 Dr. William Shaw PhD, Director of the Great Plains Laboratory presents: “Environmental Toxins, ADHD, and Behavioral Problems”

 Integrative Medicine for ADHD enables professionals and caregivers to:

  • Incorporate integrative therapies into treatment and practice using exclusive educational content, including comprehensive evaluations of current scientific evidence
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment – including a nutritional, biochemical, and metabolic profile – for clients with ADHD
  • Identify evidence-based strategies to personalize ADHD treatment for individual clients
  • Understand the role nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins play in exacerbating ADHD symptoms
  • Utilize genetic testing for personalized medication selection

Topics covered in this conference include:

  • Common Nutritional Deficiencies in ADHD
  • Phytochemicals for ADHD
  • Minimizing Medication Side Effects with Nutritional Therapies
  • Behavioral and Lifestyle Modifications
  • Genetic Polymorphisms Linked to ADHD
  • Environmental Triggers for ADHD Symptoms
  • Effective Pharmacological Treatment Options for ADHD

An integrative strategy acknowledges how an individual’s symptoms are unique and may require different areas of support, and successful treatment focuses on restoring attention and focus while minimizing medication side effects through complementary evidence-based integrative therapies.

For more information on Dr. James Greenblatt’s Integrative Psychiatry approach to healing ADHD please refer to this recent interview with The Timeless Family

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