ADHD Child’s Bill of Rights: ADHD Natural Treatment for Children

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Learn to better understand a child’s ADHD with the ADHD Child’s Bill of Rights, and how to help a child with ADHD with natural treatments.

When I first began treating ADHD in children, I came across a wonderful piece by Ruth Harris in the newsletter of the Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children. “The ADHD Child’s Bill of Rights” helps parents, caregivers and educators see the world through the unique perspective of an ADHD child—and helps us see their unlimited potential.

Ruth’s ten simple statements show adults powerful, positive ways to interact with kids with ADHD and to begin making ADHD behaviors work for, and not against them. But families dealing with ADHD need more than behavioral strategies. Because the causes of ADHD in children include genetics and biology, behavioral therapy and medication can control it but not cure it. If you want to truly heal an ADHD child, you need a personalized diet for ADHD and a holistic treatment plan.

Over the past 25 years, I have dedicated my medical research and clinical practice in integrative psychiatry to studying the complicated relationship between an ADHD child’s biochemistry and their behavior. I have discovered that optimized nutrition is key to unlocking the most effective treatment for ADHD and essential for parents looking for a more holistic way to treat ADHD in children or who want to avoid the side effects of ADHD medication.

I wrote Finally Focused, my latest book, on ADHD natural treatment for the many of the same reasons Ruth wrote her Bill of Rights: to provide essential information on ADHD for parents and provide families of children with ADHD with scientifically proven tools they need to support and nurture their child, naturally. And I close Finally Focused with a reprint of the ADHD Child’s Bill of Rights and the ways it has inspired and motivated my work.

The ADHD Child’s Bill of Rights is a sensitive and informed approach that is so right for kids with ADHD. See how it has inspired my research into natural remedies for ADHD below:

1. Help me to focus. Please teach me through my sense of touch. I need “hands-on” help and body movement.

Because the causes of ADHD are both biological and environmental, ADHD children need more than behavioral therapies to naturally focus their attention. When you find the unique biochemical balance their growing bodies need, you will find they can more easily find—and keep—their focus.

2. I need to know what comes next. Please give me a structured environment where there is a dependable routine. Give me an advance warning if there will be changes.

Regular sleep and exercise are some of the most important parts of a stable routine for children with ADHD and of natural ADHD treatment. The Finally Focused lifestyle reminds families to put adequate sleep and physical activity first on their ADHD checklist.

3. Wait for me, I’m still thinking. Please allow me to go at my own pace. If I’m rushed, I get confused and upset.

Common ADHD symptoms in children include irritability, anger and aggression. By balancing minerals and avoiding trigger foods, holistic ADHD therapy can calm emotions and center children with ADHD—naturally.

4. I’m stuck, I can’t do it … ! Please offer me options for problem solving. If the road is blocked, I need to know the detours.

Detours are just different ways of getting where you want to go. Natural remedies for ADHD are another road to wellness. What if your ADHD child could thrive on natural alternatives to the drugs used to treat ADHD?

5. Is it right? I need to know. Please give me rich and immediate feedback on how I’m doing.

6. I didn’t know I wasn’t in my seat … ! Please remind me to stop, think, and act.

Mindfulness plays an important role in the Finally Focused approach to natural ADHD treatment. Deep breathing and other mindfulness techniques can help kids with ADHD master the present moment.

7. Am I almost done … ? Please give me short work periods with short-term goals.

The neurological Families of children with ADHD who adopt the Finally Focused Plus-Minus Treatment Plan are often surprised at how quickly they see real results. For families who have had to develop such powerful reserves of patience to be effective parents, it can be such a thrill to see a difference in a matter of days.

8. What … ? Please don’t say, “I already told you that.” Tell me again, in different words. Give me a signal. Draw me a symbol.

Did you know that children with ADHD have a different balance of brain waves than their peers? And that they can greatly benefit from a less traditional educational environment? A more active environment and kinetic communication style can help ADHD kids keep up with their peers.

9. I know it’s all wrong, isn’t it …? Please give me praise for partial success. Reward me for self-improvement, not just for perfection.

Finally Focused recommends praise and reminds parents of children with ADHD to make that praise immediate (so your ADHD child connects the praise to what prompted it) and frequent, so they are encouraged throughout the process!

10. But why do I always get yelled at … ?

Please catch me doing something right and praise me for the specific positive behavior. When I’m having a bad day, remind me—and yourself—about my good points.

The most rewarding aspect of my research is seeing how scientifically proven, integrative and natural treatment can improve the self-esteem of ADHD children. From toddlers with ADHD to teens, too many of these kids receive negative feedback and experience frustration every single day. The Finally Focused Plus-Minus Treatment Plan doesn’t just give children with ADHD personalized, proven treatment options for ADHD. It gives them a positive sense of self.

For more about the rigorous research into the causes of ADHD, proven natural treatments, and the innovative approach of the Plus-Minus Treatment Plan, visit the Finally Focused website.

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