OPCs: Plant Compounds that Balance the Brain Waves of ADHD Children, Naturally

OPCs & Children

Is your ADHD child a daydreamer, or far too easily distracted during daily tasks at home or at school? Do they suffer from excessive anxiety? Seen on an EKG, the unique brainwave patterns of children with ADHD are the reason for these frequent breaks in concentration and attention and sudden spikes in anxiety. Grades suffer, achievement drops, frustrations mount, and a negative cycle is set in motion. Parents of ADHD children need to know that there is an all-natural way to recalibrate their child’s brain waves for the better. Powerful organic antioxidants called OPCs are scientifically proven to boost the brain waves of ADHD children—without the side effects of commonly prescribed stimulants.

“OPCs” are Oligomeric Proanthocyadinidins—completely natural plant extracts that have a powerful, scientifically proven, and very positive effect on human brain waves.

OPCs are produced by plants to protect them from environmental harm, and they are often identifying parts of that plant—the blue color in blueberries, the green pigment in green tea, the dark brown in dark cocoa. These protective antioxidants produced in certain plants can also protect humans. You have probably read about the scientific studies about the many benefits of a plant-based diet, or studies that link antioxidants to cancer prevention. OPCs have also been scientifically proven to have big benefits for our brains—especially in children and adults with attention deficit disorders.

The human brain, like the ocean, is a constantly shifting balance between different kinds of brain waves. Brain waves are a combination of electrical impulses that, when joined together, push us into a particular action or mood. There are four main types of brain waves—awake and active (beta), awake and resting (alpha), sleeping (theta) and deep sleep (delta). When these waves interact harmoniously, like the ocean tides, our brains work as they should to regulate our bodies.

So how do brain waves work together? The neurons in our brains communicate and coordinate through neurotransmitters, the messengers of the human brain. In children with ADHD, brain waves don’t ebb and flow the way they should. They break, and this leads to heightened anxiety, short attention spans, disordered moods, and poor impulse control.

The secret of OPCs is their striking similarity to our brain’s own neurotransmitters. In particular, OPCs mimic the types of neurotransmitters that trigger calming, focused, attentive behaviors. OPCs encourage the types of neural connections that children with ADHD have difficulty creating—and they do it completely naturally, with no side effects! All humans can benefit from these amazing antioxidants but they can have a life-changing impact on children with ADHD.

As any of my many patients can tell you, I don’t see ADHD as just an attention-deficit disorder. Over 30 years of scientific research and successfully treating patients has taught me that ADHD is a nutrition-deficit disorder, too. The unique brain and body chemistry of ADHD children can be balanced but it takes a different combination of nutrition, exercise, and sleep to make it happen.

As I work with my ADHD patients to find their way to the Finally Focused lifestyle through my Plus-Minus Plan, I prescribe all-natural OPCs alone or in conjunction with other supplements or ADHD drugs. OPCs are safe, all-natural, have no side effects, and can do much more for your ADHD child than improve their focus, concentration, and mood. OPCs like flavanols can also:

  • Reduce the effects of food allergies in children with ADHD by boosting histamine levels
  • Protect the fat-rich cells in the brain from free radicals
  • Improve blood flow to the brain
  • Absorb dangerous metals like lead that children may encounter in their environment
  • Decrease inflammation in the brain

As you can see, we would all benefit from adding green tea to our diets. I do know, however, that it can be tricky to get children to increase their intake of green things! I have prescribed OPC supplements to my ADHD patients for years and I have followed the scientific evidence for their effectiveness very closely. My own observations and hundreds of scientific studies have shown that the ancient cultures of China, India and North America knew something we are still rediscovering: plants can provide powerful protection for our health and wellbeing. I have seen my patients find their focus, improve their grades and interpersonal relationships, and find themselves in a happier state of mind, all by taking OPCs.

OPCs are one of the most exciting treatment options available to families with ADHD children. To learn more about how OPCs can improve concentration and reduce anxiety in ADHD children naturally, visit the Finally Focused website today.

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